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Geriplex Capsules

Geriplex Capsules

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This is a great combination of natural herbs and plant extracts, Bhasmas and other selected herbs that can increase muscle strength by eliminating tiredness from the body.

Geriplex contains no chemicals and it is available in the form of capsules that can eradicate abnormal functioning of any body organ to rejuvenate them and help them function normally.

An Ayurvedic Medicine – 100 % Herbal.


Dosage : 1 Capsule daily with milk/fruit Juice or as directed by the Physician.

Capsules: 10 Price: 290/-

Capsules: 100 Price: 2900/-

Bottle Contains : 60 Capsules.

Price :1650/-

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Add more to your eternal joy by increasing your physical strength and stamina.

At any age you can improve your physical stamina and eliminate body pain or tiredness satisfy your partner as you get intimate with Geriplex.

It is a safe medicine for both men and women even to get rid of tiredness after long journey, workout and stressful work.

This capsule not only offers strength to muscles and nervous system but also works as a great anti-depressant.


AshwagandhaIt is beneficial for Men and Women for boosting of the immune system Men and women both benefits in sexual power booster. Geriplex Capsules does a wonderful remedy for male and female sexual organs. Ashwagandha has used in Geriplex Capsules.

Satavar It is a climbing shrub with very large tuberous roots, found throughout India. Satavar to support women’s fertility and reproductive health and sexual potency in men. It is used in delayed puberty of female with success. And useful in menopausal urethritis.

Safed Musli It is commonly used to treatment in sexual problem. It is also helpful in regulate menstruation cycle and through safed musli is does control sexual weakness. Geriplex Capsules are also good for improving energy and boosting of immune system.

Akarkara It root extract used to improving in night fall is a natural process for Male and Female within two-three months but is has repetition is sexual disorders. It helps in increase sexual disorder problem. It does help to improved natural immune body system.

Arjun Stem bark boiled in milk is given in all types of cardiac problems. And it helps in decoction of the bark controls internal hemorrhages. In skin diseases; decoction of Arjuna bark with Khadira is used internally and externally.

Shudh Shilajit Asphaltum works wonders for improving in Male and Female sexual function. It does improved recovery weakness and increase stamina and improved brain function also.

Vang Bhasam It is beneficial to improve body weakness. It is also help in bladder, Kidney and Male and Female reproduction organs.

Shudh Kuchla Its seed extract is helpful for Male for improving energy and stamina in younger and old Male. It is the best herb indicated to increase sexual desire in men. It also improved weakness in men.


An Ayurvedic Medicine-100% herbal for vigor and vitality. .


General Tonic.

Detoxify Body.

Erectile Dysfunction.

Impotence Cure.

Sexual Enhancement Solutions.

It is effective for both Male and Female.


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